¿Which are your paying methods?
You can pay with a Mastercard or Visa debit/credit card, or well with Paypal.

¿What can I do if my card is not accepted?
If you have problems paying with one card you have to get in touch with the bank or well change the paying method to Paypal.

¿When is my order arriving?
The delivery estimated time is 10 days depending on the zone and the availability of the selected model.

¿What happens if the selected model is out of stock?
If we don’t have the model you choose we’ll get in touch with you ass son as posible, if you don’t want to change the selected model the order will be automatically cancelled.

¿Do you deliver out of Mexico?
We are sorry but we only deliver in Mexico.

¿Can I change or return an order?
Info is son the Return page. (Que te lleve a la pagina)

¿Are there half numbers?
No in Ankaa we don’t make half numbers.

¿Do you deliver any part of Mexico?
Yes we do deliver to all Mexico.